Duration of the psychological intervention

The duration of the psychological intervention depends on many factors such as the complexity of the situation presented, the motivation to change, and the level of understanding and cooperation that is established between therapist and client.

Each psychological intervention follows the individual’s times and is not predictable: some paths have a short duration, others that can last months, sometimes years, depending on the factors listed above.

Usually, the frequency of the meetings is weekly in the case of individual therapy, fortnightly in the case of the couple, and monthly intervention when the recipient is the family.

The psychologist is ethically obliged to prevent addictive patient-therapist phenomena that can prolong the duration of the operation unnecessarily, hindering the process of change. A psychological path ends when the psychologist and the patient have reached the goals set when the psychologist understands that the patient does not benefit from the sessions or when the patient and the therapist believe that the improvement obtained is sufficient.

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