The first clinical interview…

The goal of the first clinical interview is the mutual knowledge between the psychologist and the client. In particular, the client will explain the issues for which he/she has requested advice, while the psychologist will proceed with the collection of medical history, or by making questions useful to identify the critical areas, the contexts in which they manifest, the resources available and its motivations.

Besides, the psychologist presents himself, providing information on the setting, his/her professional skills and approach, making himself/herself available to answer any questions and curiosity.

Then, we proceed with the analysis of the question, aimed at clearly identifying and defining the client request. It is important to emphasize that during the first interview the psychologist’s attention will be directed to analyse the psychic and emotional reality of the client and not only the objective data, to identify the most suitable path not only to the difficulties identified but also and above all to the resources of the applicant. If there are indications to start a therapeutic path, the meeting ends with the definition of the therapeutic contract (i.e., frequency and duration of sessions, modality, honorary).

Based on the specific problems identified, the psychologist may propose an alternative type of intervention (such as counselling or support, mediation, etc.) or send a referral from a colleague with professional skills appropriate to the specific problem.

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