Why consult a Psychologist to improve psychological well-being.

Often the idea of addressing a Psychologist remains so because of some prejudices inherent in our society. How many times have we heard the Psychologist associated with ‘madness’, to be ‘mad’ or ‘mentally ill’. Sometimes this idea evokes conflicting thoughts: on the one hand the need to be better and to find solutions, on the other the fear of feeling judged and exposed, of not being able to overcome the difficulties.

You wonder if it’s better to talk to a family member or a dear friend, but that’s something that may stop you. Perhaps because you imagine that talking about it with a loved one would mean loading it with your problems, or you find yourself stuck in the role of a strong person who has to support others.

These conflicting thoughts can become the engine of awareness of their need to ask for help to start a change.
The psychologist is a professional who can assist you in knowing and understanding the reasons for some blockages, malaise or crisis. A person who can support you in facing fears, critical situations, grief, trying, together with you, to give a new meaning to events.

Today’s society and culture often push you to want to achieve perfection, as a parent, as a child, as a friend or as a worker, obscuring your deepest needs and forcing you to wear a mask.
In the psychologist’s room, you can find your own space, actually a space where there is no judgment, where you can remove the mask and start to learn about new aspects of yourself, where you can experience your own resources and process emotions by facing fears. The psychologist will welcome pain, suffering, moments of mental fatigue, stress, with the awareness that there are no more or less serious problems because everything that causes suffering deserves listening and respect.

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