Service Fees


  • Individual Psychotherapy € 60/70 (meetings are weekly and last 45 minutes)
  • Couple Psychotherapy € 100/120 (meetings are fortnightly and last 60 minutes)
  • Family Psychotherapy€ 110/130 (meetings are fortnightly and last 60 minutes)


For psycho-diagnostic services, an estimate will be made based on the type of disorder and the tests to be administered.
The rates are reported with a minimum and maximum amount per service and comply with those indicated by the National Order of Psychologists.
As for the other services, please refer to the Consolidated Text of the Professional Fees of Psychologists available by clicking here (Italian).


At the end of each session will be issued or sent by email an invoice regularly deductible as medical expenses. Unless otherwise indicated by the client, Dr Silvia Clausi will send the invoice directly to the Health Care System of the Revenue Agency for the preparation of the pre-filled 730 (Tax Return for Italian citizen).


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