My Story

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Systemic Psychotherapist

I conduct clinical activity in my private practice. My goal is to prevent mental distress and promote the psychological well-being of each person both at the individual level and in their own systems of belonging as the couple, the family, the school, the work and the peer group. My main interventions concern:

In 2003, I obtained a degree in Clinical Psychology at the Sapienza University of Rome. My thesis experimental project, titled ‘Analysis of brain-cerebellar interactions: the study of Morphological Magnetic Resonance in subjects with cerebellar damage’, was awarded a research scholarship by the Fondazione Santa Lucia (FSL) in Rome. This was the beginning of my scientific collaboration, still in progress, with the Ataxia Laboratory of FSL and with the Cognitive Neuroscience and Cerebellum Lab (CNC Lab), at the Department of Psychology of the Sapienza University.

During the PhD program in Psychobiology and Psychopharmacology at the School of Neuroscience of the Sapienza University, I started to work with patients suffering from degenerative diseases and strokes. This has made me come into contact not only with suffering patients but also with that of their relatives. A world of people, children, fathers and mothers, wives and husbands, grandparents have opened up to me of contrasting experiences, fears, emotions, anger, grief… At that point, my work did not end when I greeted the patient, but it continued also outside the room, in my mind, but above all in my ‘heart’.

This experience pushed me towards the acquisition of a more complete training experience, which would allow me to acquire tools and experiences useful to help my patients and their families to transform their limits into resources.

In 2010 I obtained my Specialization in Family Psychotherapy, with Systemic Relational approach, at the Scuola Romana di Psicoterapia Familiare, in Rome.

Then I started to work as a Formator of the educational staff of the crèches of Rome Capital at the Department of Educational and School Services, working on several topics, i.e, the child’s dependency and autonomy needs, aggressive behaviours, routines, play, the organization of spaces and the use of materials, observation, documentation, the role of the educator.

I gained my clinical experience in the public healthcare system at the Family Counseling Center (Via delle Resede, 1, U.O. D, II District ASL Roma-B) as Specializing Psychotherapist. My activities in this service regarded: individual, couples and family psychological consultation; evaluation of couples aspiring to adoption; support groups for adoptive couples; support in birth preparation courses and interventions to prevent postpartum depression.

The constant updating and scientific dissemination of my research results is an integral part of my professional approach.

I have collaborated, as a voluntary psychologist, with the Social Cooperative ‘Prassi e Ricerca’ in Rome, carrying out interventions of raising and maintaining the degree of self-sufficiency of disabled persons; interventions aimed at promoting social integration; and support for families.

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