Below are listed all the possible methods of payment of advice both in Studio and online.  Cash payment is possible provided that you do not need to bring your health care expenditure into deduction (as required by the Budget Law 2020).

At the end of the session, payment is expected with Bancomat, credit/debit cards and electronic systems Android Pay and Apple Pay, or you can use the innovative service Satispay free of charge for the user.

At the end of the session, Dr Clausi will send the user a request for payment of the agreed amount. The request will appear as a notification on the user’s Satispay App and must be accepted. At this point the sum will be automatically sent in total safety and without costs to the user.

Please choose the advice to pay from the drop-down menu at the bottom

Online Counseling / Session
Individual Counseling / Therapy €60,00 EUR
Couple Counseling / Therapy €120,00 EUR
Family Counseling / Therapy €140,00 EUR

It is possible to pay by bank transfer at the following coordinates:

Header: Silvia Clausi
IBAN Code: IT39P0347501605CC0010322079

Purpose of the transfer: Psychotherapy / Counseling Session (Session Date)

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